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Tomer Garzberg

Make more money for your business: Hire Tomer

Tomer is a communications and digital marketing all-rounder, built on the foundations of growth hacking, with an immense creative planning, strategic processing and real-world execution experience. Early-stage capital raise attraction using growth and perception hacking, behaviour mechanics and conversion rate optimisation to Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley startups, resulting in userbase and profit growth. A decade of managing the spectrum of stakeholders in a self-started end-to-end online marketing agency, including many of Australia’s largest companies, and over 40 offshore contractors across five continents. Strengths in SEO, content, landing pages, ads, emails, social, emotional targeting, consumer psychology and behavioural data to generate more revenues, leads, engagement and sales.

An immigrant to Australia at the age of six, Tomer was quickly able to master the science of language, ultimately pursuing an Honours degree in Journalism. Always one to push boundaries, Tomer successfully completed an exegesis outlining an experiment whereby he fabricated a female identity, marketed her as real, and turned the non-existent individual into someone with more notoriety than those of already established (and real) notoriety.

After three years working for News Corp, Tomer began to experiment with the capacity for business to be conducted via social networks, and his company, StrongmanDigital was formed. Over 10 years, StrongmanDigital evolved into one of Australia’s most respected content marketing agencies, producing content and online strategies for major companies such as NAB, NSW Govt, QLD Govt, Knight Frank, FMC, Stockland, News Limited, Fairfax, Hills, Temando and Retail Food Group. A global partnership with both Prismatik and PepeBurton, has positioned Tomer’s offering to deliver an intercontinental reach.

With intimate knowledge of the startup lifecyle and growth methodologies, Tomer is a founder and an advisor to numerous startups.

Tomer regularly speaks and advises on the topics of Growth Hacking, Pespective/Lifestyle Hacking, Content and Social Media.

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Make more money for your business: Hire Tomer

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